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HOTELES, RESIDENCIAS Y TURISMO, S.A.  (HORESTUR) is a mercantile company wholly owned by Hermandades del Trabajo – Center of Madrid, constituted by and for the acquisition, exploitation, promotion, commercialization, development, administration and transfer by any title of tourist and hotel establishment, as well as others destined to activities related to tourism; the acquisition, possession, exploitation, management, commercialization and transfer by any title of all kinds of goods and services intended for tourist and hotel establishments and facilities; the acquisition, development, commercialization and transfer by any title, of knowledge or technology in the tourist and hotel fields, and the promotion of all kinds of businesses related to the tourism and hotel fields, as well as the participation of new businesses, establishments or entities in the tourist and hotel áreas.

Registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry. Volume: 29075, Page: 82, Section: 8, Sheet: M-477 87, Inscription 23, as of April 26, 2016.



Since 1958 the Hermandades del Trabajo – Center of Madrid have developed social tourism activities for their members.

To this end, various properties or farms were acquired nationwide to convert them into summer residences that allowed workers in the 1960s to spend a decent vacation with their families.

As a consequence of the changes that have taken place in society, especially in the field of tourism, as well as the legal requirements for mandatory compliance and in view of the need to renew services, the shareholder’s governing bodies (HHT) agreed in the year 2012 to analyze in depth the current situation of the activity of tourism, residences and hotels, arranging for the preparation of a proposal in which other alternatives to the current ones will be considered.

Likewise, the recovery of the old residences that were ceded to third parties for their exploitation as hotels is launched. 

Following the philosophy implemented by the Founder of the HHT, Abundio García Román of “responsibly managing funds with austerity and generosity”, “defending assets as a guarantee of subsistence”, “skillfully studying the financing of the creation of works or services” and “Learn to be faithful custodian”, and complying with the recommendations of the Ecclesiastical Authority that all economic, financial and accounting actions must be based on ethical principles and values ​​and strict regulatory and regulatory compliance, the governing bodies in the center of Madrid, they are launching a new tourism project for which, following the guidance of the tax advisers, in March 2016 it established the mercantile HOTELES, RESIDENCIAS Y TURISMO S.A., a sole proprietorship whose only shareholder is HHT Madrid.



The AGARÓ nomenclature was chosen to represent the company’s commercial name, alluding to the initials of the Founder of Hermandades del Trabajo Abundio García Román.

Our mission is to contribute socially and responsibly through our knowledge, experience and values ​​to improve the lives of people, especially workers, and helping those who are not to enter the labor market.

The logo includes a circle with a serious outline inside which three crosses are housed in clear allusion to the initials of the institution (HHT, Hermandades del Trabajo). the third cross, more flagrant, is represented without conclusion to its limit, with the aim of symbolizing the clear facet of the work.



Opposite the hotel you will find the best beach in Chipiona: Regla Beach. Relax by the sea with the sound of the waves breaking gently on the shore.
Hotel Agaró Chipiona has much more to offer: just a short walk from the hotel you will come across the area’s two main monuments, Nuestra Señora de Regla Shrine and Chipiona Lighthouse, which dates back to the Roman era.
The rear zone of the hotel provides direct access to the centre of Chipiona where you will find cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, souvenir shops, bars and more.

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